Microneedling Instructions



  1. Cleanse face with a gentle face wash. Try not to use any face washes with salicylic acid or exfoliants (chemical or physical).
  2. Once skin is dry, generously apply lidocaine cream to your face. Let the lidocaine sit for 20-25 minutes. I personally use Aspercreme with Lidocaine Maximum Strength. You can find this at any CVS or drug store. Or you can buy it off of Amazon.
  3. Thoroughly rinse face, being careful to avoid the eye area.
  4. Once skin is again dry, and now numb apply a thin layer of the Collagen Serum on your face.
  5. Select a pre-packaged pin cartridge (needles) and attach to the microneedling pen. Apply 1-2 drops of the Collagen Serum on top of the needles. This will help make sure it glides on your skin and reduce friction.
  6. Adjust the depth by twisting the depth gauge of the micro needling pen. Then turn on and start at the lowest setting.
  7. As if you are gently holding a paint brush, gingerly glide the pen in small, even and consistent circular motions over your skin. You can do one or two passes, but don’t be overly aggressive. Because your skin is numb, you may not feel anything, but please be aware that it is working. You will see you skin get a little pink. That means it is penetrating your skin. So again, please be cautious, gentle and don’t over-do it. Once you do this treatment a few times you will begin to get the hang of it and see what you can tolerate.
  8. Once you have evenly treated your skin, remove the pin cartridge and throw away. Do not re-use the needles.
  9. Rinse your face off with tepid water.
  10. Apply a generous amount of the Collagen Serum all over your face. Then apply your favorite moisturizer. Avoid any acidic moisturizers. Gentle and moisturizing skin care at this point is key.



  • If you can, try to avoid sleeping on your face at night. Silk pillowcases are always best. Drink plenty of water.
  • Because your face has thousands of tiny puncture wounds you can’t see, please be away to not touch your face, keep your hands cleans and be cautious of what touches your face. You don't want to get any dirt or debris on your freshly treated skin.
  • The next two to three days you may look like you had a minor sun burn, this is normal. You may also experience your skin peeling or flaking, this is also normal and means your skin is repairing itself. Be sure to avoid the sun at all cost. Wear a sunscreen if you can. You can also wear makeup, but if you can avoid it for a couple days, that would be best. 
  • For men with facial hair, I suggest either trimming your facial hair very low, or shaving. If you do shave wait till the next day to do this treatment as not to irritate your skin.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail at support@solraybeauty.com