How can I contact you?

Feel free to e-mail us at support@solraybeauty.com.


How long will it take to get my order?

An order placed Monday-Friday takes 1-2 business days to process and receive 3-4 day shipping. 

Please note: shipping carriers are experiencing delays nationwide. Although we typically promise delivery within 3-4 business days, we've been advised that packages may be in transit for up to 4 additional business days. Please allow a few days for the tracking to show updates, and thank you for your patience.


My tracking shows as delivered, but I did not receive it.

We are not liable for missing or lost packages once tracking shows delivered. Please use the tracking number we provide to follow your order until it is delivered. Should you not receive your order, but the tracking shows that it has been delivered, please check with your mailman, neighbors or building manager/mail room. If you are still unable to locate the package, please reach out to your local post office to file a claim. Based on the outcome of the claim and availability of products, we may or may not be able to replace your order.




Does the microneedling pen hurt?

No, it shouldn’t hurt at all. I suggest using a numbing cream with lidocaine. I personally use Aspercrem with Lidocaine Maximum Strength. You can find this at any CVS or drug store. Or you can buy it off of Amazon.


How frequently should I use the microneedling pen?

I suggest starting off every 6-8 weeks and seeing how your skin reacts and heals. Pay attention to how quickly your skin recovers. If your skin is recovering normally, you can increase to every 4 weeks.


What can I expect after one session of the microneedling pen?

You will see redness, similar to a very mild sunburn. This should decrease overnight. Some people may see very slight skin peeling 2-3 days after. This is normal as your skin is shedding and revealing new skin.


What should I use after each session of the microneedling pen?

Immediately after your first session, cleanse skin with a very mild cleanser and use your favorite serums, oils and moisturizers. This is the most crucial and beneficial time to maximize skincare benefits as your skin is up to 500% more absorbable. Do this for the next 2-3 days. Also increase your water intake as much as possible, avoid direct sunlight and use a sunscreen when going outside.


How soon will I see results after using the microneedling pen?

Results vary from person to person. However, you can see results after just one session. Please reminder that fixing scaring and skin texture takes time and this is a treatment plan you should consider implementing in your monthly or bi-monthy skincare routine. To longer you use it, the better the results. Also, please keep in mind this can be used simply as a collagen boosting skincare treatment to maintain a youthful appearance.


Mask usage?

If you have the ability to avoid going outside for the first day, please do so. But in the event you do have to leave your home and wear a mask, I highly suggest wearing one of my silk mask woven with ionic silver threads. The silk will retain moisture levels in your skin, and the ionic silver threads will help kill off bacteria. I would try my best to avoid using a cotton mask immediately after the treatment. But please do whatever makes you feel safe.